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 Why would you work with a local company ?


Because we are ready to meet you, to take the time to know your products, your services and the specificities of the documents given.


We can also deliver you fully designed and ready to be used presentations. 

Interpreters for companies

Our consultants can work in simultaneous, liaison,, consecutive or whispering translation(whith or whithout headphones).

We can also help you if you require technical skills in many European and non-European languages,


Mind the Gap provides for conferences, meetings or visits interpreters in Bordeaux or in Aquitaine. For an hour or a day, they will bridge the linguistic gap between each participants.  Much better than a CD presentation, a native-speaker consultant

brings warm and professionalism to all your events !


Feel free to contact us for a free quote !

Our tongues

Why would you only choose European languages ? Why wouldn’t you get appart from yours ? Thanks to its network of professional translators,  MTG has the opportunity to offer you many languages, such as:














Feel free to contact us for any demand !


Our translation services adapts to your needs! 

To offer a quick response, we work by e-mail or in direct collaboration with you; thus, your documents will be translated and sent even if you're in business trip or if a translation is needed during a business travel abroad!


We can also do the layouts, for example of multilingual presentations!


Among our work : presentations of the Club des Entreprises de Mérignac in Vilanova (Spain), presentations in english, italian, spanish and portuguese of european events...


Depending of the volumes to translate, we charge for the page or the word. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll do a quote together! 

Mind The Gap, cours de langue !