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Mind The Gap : cours de langue sur la région bordelaise


Présentation du concept Mind the Gap
(Mind the Gap est) une société à taille humaine qui prend le temps de vous ecouter et de cibler précisément votre demande
Formules sur mesure adaptées à chaque entreprise et à chaque individu. Votre apprentissage se fera à votre rythme avec des horaires adaptées.
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter!
Mind the Gap's movie!

MTG is staging his philosophy of formation: 



No need for an austere setting to improve in class!  

A bit of news on Facebook!

Mind The Gap now has a Facebook page: 




Becoming an international manager

Caring about helping companies  in developping their international opportunities, Mind the Gap has set up Management, Procurement and Negociation trainings in English, Italian and French.

Here are some examples of our trainings: 


  • Team effectiveness seminar 
  •  Change management approach 
  •  Procurement - Services  The Procurement Process
  •  Negotiation
What's up today?

The Spanish courses for the Club des Entreprises de Mérignac are over! 

Thanks to them we could enjoy our trip to Sitges and exchange with local company directors. This is the very essence of language training : professional and personal exchanges, people to people contacts! In brief : COMMUNICATION! 

Why undergoing language training ?

To learn or learn again a language is a way to conquer new customers at the time of European and wordwide economic developpement.

Speaking several tongues helps international economic, political and cultural exchanges. A mean to open to others while travelling, even for private purpose.

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Mind The Gap, cours de langue !